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Ain't it Better to Ignite Than to Explode
All Peace
Asleep at the Wheel

Beside Myself Be My Witness
Build Me a Box
By The Time

Chris Brown's Sweet Beats Backyard Jam

Death is the Great Awakener
Decomposition Blues
Defy My Love
Disco Inferno (performed once)

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere


Joe Harper Saturday Morning
Lazy Lightning
Letter to the Editor
Lose the Apple/In a Salient Way
Love Like Nothing

Make Amends
Morning Paper
My New Thing


One More Time
Original Grin

Red Hot Mama
Rude Groove

Solitude Mama
Song for Sam and Richard (Oh, the beauty)
Spank The Dog
Sweet Sacrafice

Tonight's The Night
As Right As They Wanna Be (Truth Groove)
The Down
The Little Vagabond
The Sermon
Two Clowns

Use Me

Waiting in a Hurry
Wang Dang Doodle
We Can't Wait Any Longer
When The Shy Folk Get it On
While I've Got Your Attention I'd Like to Point Out a Couple of Things

You Can Come From Here

ALL PEACE Roses grow in my backyard I'm not quite sure why they do Stand there so bold Turning dirt into gold I look at them and I think of you Maybe your mama has green eyes Beautiful as the two on you face Maybe you pappa was so wise Still ain't enough to explain your grace Chorus: All eyes are not prepared for such beauty All hearts are not prepared for such song All love will not become what it could be All peace is not this strong They brought you home as a baby Your brother named you and cried Words so wild reserved for a child I don't think no one could name you Today if they tried Chorus: All eyes are not prepared for such beauty All hearts are not prepared for such song Passion and pain from which all lips refrain Yours find refrain and you sing, yes you sing on We've paved our way over seasons Asphalt makes a permanent frost But grass with intent grows up from the pavement It cracks this concrete yes it does Chorus: All eyes are not prepared for such beauty All hearts are not prepared for ¬such song Passion and pain from which all lips refrain Your's speak a peace so strong All eyes are not prepared for beauty All hearts are not prepared for such song All love will not become what it could be All peace is not this strong And sing on

Afterglow (D. Wall, A. Whiteman) There's nothing here either one can say Isn't nothing what you wanted, anyway? Nothing like a feeling that comes so fast when you stumble on "nothing lasts" but I stood & I waited for the love to increase & it shocked me, baby, when the news was released, when you told me... If you're living in somebody's afterglow love is something that you'll have to see go If you feel your ladder is much too tall love is something that you'll have to let fall Thought of leaving here to chance alone Instead I waited for what I own Outside my window it looks much too cold to ever wander from the strength of my home But you changed everything in your offhand way You kept your silence & you let me behave so badly... Chorus Something forced me to look in your face It could have stripped us of all our grace But I'm tired of talking to myself It was worth all my heart-earned wealth So I centre my mind on the task that's to come to detach all I have from the solace of one who taught me...

Ain't it Better to Ignite Than to Explode (C. Brown)

You've got a weird sense of humour You know I love you for that But I can't find this too funny `cause I've been here before & I ain't laughing at what's been happening lately

Be My Witness Here I am alone at last Carefully hidden And I can guide the hours past From where I am sitting Leaning like a desert flower Singular - pretty And I can laugh a selfish laugh "Wasn't that witty"? I can't reveal my sources to the Hungry world Still I feel lonely... Chorus: Be my witness And you'll document my flight Be my witness And you'll always paint me bright Lying to an empty room Not for travel And there's no mystery in this gloom Only the gavel Bridge: Oh darlin, I might let you in Revealed to the raging wind Amazing how bad conversations been Here I am, besieged at last In confirmation And I can't wait to sip the glass Of your information I can't explain this feeling How I've lost my will Still I'm elated

BRING IT ON Now they're ugly and comfortable Ain't scared of what they can't explain Creation got to be your best defence You got to give them something they can't name We can bring it on Time tick tock starts to sound Like a gun shot Draws a line at who you are And who you are not How fast were you runnin' For standing still? So bring it on Prove yourself wrong And make your movements beautiful We can bring it on Bridge: Oh what a dirty joke There are some who will say this world Ain't nothin' but a lifeboat And you ask these people By sequence of events, if we're in a lifeboat, then when was the shipwreck? More often than not their expressions will glaze - all they can stutter is "the good old days" "The good old days" that weird little phrase which roughly translates as "I am afraid" I'm afraid of the future, so I'll make up a past And the present becomes a casualty - but the present goes on forever "The good old days", simpler times waiting to ride us from all of our Crimes in flimsy life boats where we sit and draw lines Never waiting to admit we're all of the same ship Good or evil, right or wrong - we bring it on - wisdom or ignorance - grace or intolerance - love or indifference The present goes on forever

BY THE TIME By the time this gets to you the language will be nonsense Words all lose their meaning by the time they leave the tongue Some songs ain't about making this whole world understand you Words just speak for moments like the light speaks for the sun The sky opened up, the sun came in The light made rainbows of our skin Our tongues got it on so beautiful With kisses like it was dutiful A love embrace that wouldn't last - some words just come to fast By the time this gets to you the language will be nonsense I ain't gonna sit here tryin' to make up some excuse Spend a hundred bucks on what you used to get for 10 cents Find yourself a tongue and put your head to better use I don't know what you said Hey tongue find a head Caught you askin' the grass, why it grows Heard you askin' the rose, why it rose What's to reason in all of our desires? We make only ashes with these fires But beautiful to watch them burn When will we all learn? So much I thieved and so much broken Where are the words that take two tongues to be spoken Where are the words that can't be repeated Sick of these people all talking night, trying to get by on yesterday's light World will do better when they all learn It's beautiful to watch it turn

DECOMPOSITION BLUES We've thrown our stones We've named our targets, slung our arrows With corpses and bones Laid firm foundation for tomorrow And we've risen above And soundly around our position Seems all's correct `Cept that stench of decomposition Bridge: I'm not dreamin' about what was - hold no stock in yesterday cause It's just the same Suffer the greed through wars and cancer, profit from need, conceal the answers These bones will rot in wait of change Dig these bones, stew these bones, beat the bones and deal these bones

We've been the minds Like fists wrapped tightly - round conclusions Accommodate the past - just to keep with the profusion As decay starts to waft of dangerous history With thought and flame - we decompose as much as necessary

Defy My Love (D. Wall, J. Mercer) [Chorus] Can you defy my love? Didn't I get to you? Can you deny my love That I'm the one for you That I'm the one for you? I don't understand you baby, you just mystify Need I little time with you, just to simplify I got you under the microscope, so I can analyze But in the end, in the end, and You'll leave me high and dry Chorus Lovin is an easy thing, if you're simple You just move along with the rest of them, to the temple This morning I got on down, to a little prayer But in the end, in the end, end You didn't seem to care Chorus Everyday, you just want to get flaunted Everynight, you just want to get wanted I got you on the menu baby, restauranted So why do I always get daunted? Chorus

Grow Easy judging when you're sittin' up in your highchair No lion or tiger's gonna put his claws up there Ain't no experience bad enough you ever had to quit Might know temptation but no shame had to come with it Cry when you're hungry, you just cry when you see fit Not hard to figure out the bad guy on T.V. So far away from anyone you'll ever be You've got your morals and your values down to a "T" No compromising, feels good deciding what toys you're gonna share today A guilty playpen politician can seek maternal contrition anyway These babies gonna make you worship your possessions These children all know how to sort their feelings and names These kids gonna make you hate your imperfections These babies man they're gonna make you mean Ain't so hard walkin' when nobody's asking you to crawl Not hard believing when nobody's cheating you at all Grow in humility, some babies got to grow in fear Not bruised or beaten, just got no reason to believe somebody's happy, they're here LIke to be happy Like to be happy Some babies grow to know themselves completely & some don't, you oughta know: Some babies, grow through anything & some won't You gotta grow


Let's lose the the apple Let's lose the blame Let's lose the right Let's lose the name Let's lose the sin The guilt And the shame Let's lose the game

Let's lose the defence Let the armour delay Let's lose the fate divine Lose the plan today No need to beat these guys We were cheating anyway Let's lose the game

Bridge: Here there was a footprint But it don't look like that now Someone's gave and changed it Altered; it somehow Over there is reason And over there is right Over here is envy Over here is night

Let's lose the arrows Drop the pearly gates Let flags fall like apple now Give the serpents no more bait Let's lose the fear that has yet To be named Let's lose the game

Bridge: Over there's a shadow Memory holds like glue Over there are fingerprints Hard evidence too But over hear's imagination Supposition, fabrication Belief and fear so closely twined A knot that reason can't unwind

Let's lose our fingers Hearts reduce to clay Let's lose our instincts Let's get down and pray Old retribution is the Pep talk for today Let's lose the game

IN A SALIENT WAY By the time this gets to you the language will be nonsense Words evolving, quick-like, become efficient as your weapons Which make today's killings seem labour intensive And when you shriek at the archaic nature of our Brutality, know that people were shrieking here And when you laugh at the voodoo, at the bullshit And the wasted time, and at the pomp and stupidity of our kings, know that people were laughing now? Outside history's closed doors, there's the ongoing chuckle of people laughing and bleeding And it's all as funny as skin


Beautiful life, spent in the service of others You answered the call, you know you did it all out of love For your sisters and brothers

What were these voices in your head? And what exactly was it that they said? Did they not mention that the road of good intention is paved with mirrors? And you grow dizzy with reflection

We don't need another statue Who can weather any storm You showed us all how one can stand so tall Now heed the call And teach us how to fall

Beautiful sun that loves to burn Give you light away, ask for nothing in return Not like this love that loves to need Makes me dream up loneliness, makes me dream up greed Invent some mountain I can stand on Then expect someone to land on Slow to climb when you're so scared to fall Why can't I love like nothing? Nothing at all

Because nothing lost is nothing won Nothing ending is nothing begun Love clear as water and you can still drown But love like nothing can stick around Show you the way down

Beautiful sun go on and burn, give us all you light, what could we return? Burn up these towers that stand so tall, leave us to nothing and nowhere to fall I want to love like nothing at all; to fall from and nowhere to fall

ONE MORE TIME Welcome to the realm of repetition; welcome to last year or who know when? Not deja-vu, not premonition - this here's the age of do it again Step on up to bullshit central; same old shit and trod through last week All the poop we were too dumb or lazy to stoop and scoop All the words we were to afraid to speak Come on down you're the next contestant, stake your claim make no investment Just watch the wheel go round and round Cross your fingers now don't think twice, luck is the greatest labour saving device And while we await the roll of the dice, a little theme music might be nice Chorus: One more time, let's hear that song again One more time, I can't remember how it ends Take us back to the part about have and have not, cause and effect How's it go? I forgot, one more time, such a simple refrain about how Ya don't ride the bus if you can't make the change

What good is painting with a ruler? And why write the book that you just read? Still it seems convention beats invention - down in the word of "as good as it gets" So here comes something you already know Not hard to guess at what's in store And after all this is gold-radio- "oh yes you've heard this song before Why can't we be nostalgia resistant, and do what's perfect from instant to instant? Why do we always carve it down in stone? Worship our heroes and hate our villains, take any protection from makin decisions Sweet music we all get attached but, seems this record's stuck on a scratch Chorus: One more time...such a simple refrain but, no one was listening Won't you play it again? Play it again for all it's worth I can analyse, criticize, demonize, politicize, apologise and rationalise; but can I harmonise?

Original Grin (C. Brown)

I used to be uptight and full of spite Angry young man, stay awake all night scared that I might be taken lightly in the least Look at all those mirrors, confuse my left and right

Scared that I might trip, say something stupid Get egg on my face

But now I don't give a damn if I lose Don't think too hard on what I do don't really care if I fall just as long as I don't fall on you

I done disposed of all credentials, now I only deal in essentials I've got nothing to prove & so much more to win since I put my bullshit out & let my baby in

I used to love my pretty clothes I used to love my pretty rings Now since you come to stay they just get in the way With you I don't wear very much of anything No more pretending I'm tall just end up being small No, I'm not scared at all, just as long as I don't fall in front of you

Fell down on glamour, fell down on pride Fell down believing I had something to hide Along comes baby, calls me honey, takes all my clothes off and thinks I'm funny

OVERJOYED Though we search for heaven With our words Sometimes these religions seem absurd There's nothing higher than love There's nothing wiser than love If we offer witness from our doubt We can cast the blessed blindness out There's nothing clearer than love There's nothing stronger than love We can be overjoyed We can see overjoyed When the crisis comes we'll find peace On this solid ground And say were overjoyed We can breathe on our own We can feel in the bone When the light is gone We'll find peace In the solid ground And rest, overjoyed Bridge: And if the heavens burst apart No angels will fall The warnings of a master Won't be real at all No duty to call And we'll be standing up so tall We can touch all we see We can trust and believe When the autumn comes we'll make our feast From the solid ground and say were overjoyed

Simple (in memory of Hugh Brown) Let's keep this simple Let's not compete An ending's beginning A body's retreat There's no perfect silence And no selfish sound This pain we can share it There's enough to go around So let's keep this simple And space won't defeat us No pity, no pedestals No distance to cheat us We're right at the edge now And ready to fall From instinct and reason To nothing at all Bridge: And here's where the experts must suffer So much wiser to stay dumb And pay attention to our heart beats Here they come, Here they come Here come the bullets And here come the nails The shots that we fire Attachments we wail So let's break this right down I know the changes sound wrong It's time to dispose all arrangements And time to get down to song Bridge: And our hearts are made stronger But tell me when this trial ends Is this some sort of rehearsal? I think I'm missing the point Bridge: Now fill our heads up with details When all methods disappoint Oh there really ain't no purpose There really ain't no point So let's keep this simple And space won't defeat us Rest your beautiful face now There's no death between us

The Down (D.Wall)

[Chorus] Ain't nothin gonna worry you but the worry Ain't nothin going to frown on you but the frown If you look at it in different way Ain't nothing gonna down you but the down

When I was just a little boy, my daddy said You gotta check out the other shoes Before you make up your head There's always another side to everything That's how the saddest song can have a different ring

When I get to feeling low My skies turn grey To all the folks that I call friends I've got nothing to say There's always a greener side to that little blade That's how the saddest song can have a different shade


Sooner or later I'll get restless and wild Start thinking there's nothing left to learn I've got to watch myself before I get riled Always another way to win


Waiting in a Hurry

(D. Wall)

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon dive in, Come on dive in

Sitting by the water, sweating out buckets wishing I could just dive in If I wanna be the chairman of my own soul board I gotta get on & take a spin

Sitting all lonesome, trying to be happy wishing I could just dive in If I wanna be the master of the stuff I'm after, I getta get on and take a spin

Who's that yonder sitting in sorrow? (C'mon darling dive in) Must be the man waiting on tomorrow Who's that yonder sitting in hating? Must be the man who's lost in hesitating

I know you, yes I've seen you before You're the little demon who makes me wanna sleep more

Who's that yonder sitting in worry Must be the man waiting in a hurry

Make Amends (D. Wall, A. Whiteman)

Well, just look at you-once you were filled with such fire Now your energy fills my memory, makes me a liar That is something I will never forget Sell off your baggage to pay off yur debt

Make amends with yourself so you can live it baby Make amends with yourself just to forgive it baby Make amends with; make a friend of yourself

You're gonna wreck your life if you continue on this path of destruction

No flesh of steel, no iron will is on your possession Sweet forgiveness, restore your breath You slipped and fell and almost caught your death

O you parade around You look so happy in your little role It is remarkable how your world is full of things that you stole No, your secret is not in view But I remember when you was you

WHEN THE SHYFOLK FINALLY GET IT ON How beautiful the accidents of harmony When voices trust themselves enough to sing We're all a little too good at advising I hope to see the sunrise on that day When we admit we're all just improvising And all the handbooks finally get thrown away A time will come when we're not scared of dealing Of hearts enthralled by opportunity And love won't have no walls, no floors, no ceiling We'll all be stoned on possibility Bridge: But right now, this is something Like time that we're spending And I don't think That we're getting our money's worth Guilt - piled up like some debt Never ending The rent is steep We need to seed the soil till meekdom has it's day And skins are shed from all the shyer bones No longer will our muses form the traffic jam We'll feel the flow arise from timid tones

Worms (C. Brown, J. Mercer)

Sometimes I worry, you know I doubt Gotta' sit and wonder, what the hell this is all about Everyone determined to make this world spin so fast I feel so lucky 'cause I got all my friends here with me

Perplexity looms, puzzles don't cease Sometimes it seems that the puzzle's only got one piece This world's got problems, without a doubt But I got a few my own that I can do just fine without

[chorus] Some day there's gonna be worms running through my skull It's such a short time that we're here breathin' I wanna know when I'm leavin', that I used my time well

Five seconds later is five seconds that you waste Regrets, they can be nothin' but Intentions that were left too late

We've all got to fall, and you may Don't let tomorrow find you Hating today Ain't no such thing as buying time x3 For some strange reason, I came to be Feel so happy singin' got all my friends here with me Get shown some anger, not hard to find fear Gonna take some work to find out why the hell we're here