New Info

The Bourbons music featured in a major motion picture.

The Bourbons will appear on the soundtrack of a new film just completed in New York entitled "Loose Women". The soundtrack also includes The Flying Neutrinos and members of Hootie and the Blowfish; the film stars Martin Sheen & Rosie Perez. Some of this info may be off but it was all I could extract from the band on short notice.

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Thanks to the nice people at Starnine/Quarterdeck I now have a super fast version of WebStar. You might notice that the speed of the server is greatly improved and you will see a bunch of new stuff like forms, chats, and other cool scripting.

New Year's Eve Setlist

Lee's Palace 12/31/95 Grow, All Peace, Whoever Built this City, One More Time-> Countdown->Auld Langs->One More Time, Deliver Me->Let's Get it On->Deliver Me,Supply and Demand, Ram, Becoming and Forgetting, Pigeons, Sheriff, Stop the Presses, Decomposition Blues->Celebration->Decomp Blues, Build Me a Box, By the Time->Ignite, Simple

E1: Worms, So Lonely, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere*, People Get Ready

E2: When the Shy Folk Finally Get it On

* w/ Weeping Tile

I made a bunch of changes to the FAQ and other files. I added a new picture of the band.

Here are lyrics from the new album, to be titled "Other People's Heavens", due out sometime in Spring 1996.

We're busy compiling a complete list of stores around the world who carry Bourbon Tabernacle Choir records.