artsy ways to spend money on computers, or, when the monkey-boy labs gets NeXT.

I remember the first time I saw one in a magazine.

I wanted it.

I remember the first time I saw one in person.

I wanted to steal it.

Saw a t-shirt at comdex with it's infamous logo on it.

I bought it.

I still wear it.

But, I wash it.

I saw one for sale on usenet

the other day...

and, I bought that too...

What inspired such revery? Why, only one of the most amazing computers known to mankind. Massive marks for style. Awards for the OS design. Very Black. And, at the time, very expensive. So, just what is this machine? If the pictures didn't give it away, the logo will....

Those who know me well think I have a rather odd passion. That would be collecting old computers. But, before you all start dragging your XT clones out of the closet and offering them up to the monkey-boy as some sort of twisted silicon offering, let's say that I am really picky...I tend to choose rare computers, and particularily, rare computers that were truly trend setters in their time. But, my new NeXTstation Mono is an oddity in my collection. It gets used daily. I use it at work for systems monitoring and UNIX work. The sleek, black, postscript laser printer prints my Dilbert cartoons. The odd, yet beautiful 17 monitor (mono) takes up mucho desk space on an already crowded desk. And it gets the strangest looks from all who see it, and glowing admiration from any visiting geek. So, the links below represent my rather largish search for the newest member of my museum. I'm thinking of converting my Intel box into NeXTstep machine as well, since the OS was written in it's later incarnations as Intel compatible. For those who thought NeXT and it's products hadd gone away, you are in for a bit of a surprise....Apple bought NeXT and the next (so to speak) Apple OS will be HEAVILY NeXTstep based....Rhapsody.

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