The Quad Kite Mailing List Site


Hi. This site was started sometime in the fall of 1997, after returning from a World Cup (the last one!) in Long Beach, head over heels in love with Revolutions. I ran a mailing list for a couple of years, but, gradually participation and my time dwindled enough that the site has sat here essentially untouched in at -least- 5 years. (k, maybe 7) Holyneedasiteupdatebatman!

I can't see running the mailing list again, I find the online forums to work much better for people looking for information, an innovation that wasnt really around (beyond usenet and rec.kites ) at the time. My recommendation? Head over to, signup and check the Quad Heads forum, there's a bunch of us in there regularily. I've left the original archives intact as well, if you pour through some of those, there's some good ideas lurking. As you can well imagine, I've collected a lot of pictures of Revolutions over the years and I'll gradually start updating the Gallery to show off some of these beauties. And on that note, if you'd like to submit some pictures, feel free to email them to me (preferably with a short description and I promise to get them posted before 2010. ;-)

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