I was bored. And needing a good kite clean and bag clean from 10 days on the beach, thus, while I was at it, I snapped a pic of nearly every kite that I own. Kiting is a great hobby. When taking your family on a vacation at the beach or a camp site, don't forget to pack a kite in your camping gear. It will give you hours of fun with your family. As you can see, thats mostly Revolutions, but, there's a few Synergy-Decas lurking in the collection as well...

Click on any of the pictures for a larger version...

Aw, its my very first Rev! How cute! Its a 1.5, old school version. Given I have had this for 8 years, its in pretty good shape really. And its matching Vented version
A later 1.5 that I bought, pre-SLE series ones. This one is usually bridle-less and with 2 wrap rods, I use it indoors, and as a 3D outdoors on short lines This lately has been my usual 1.5 SLE. It was a prototype for a new sail design in 2000, and I've flown it to death! One of a kind...
A very very new Rainbow Vented 1.5. Still has that new Rev smell...A reeeeally smooth kite to fly and extra pretty in the sky A Revolution Indoor. I've never quite been taken with this kite and I'm not sure why. I will be flying more indoor soon, so, it may gain favour yet
The first Rev 1 that I picked up. It took me a long to appreciate a Rev 1, but once I did, there was no going back. Currently sporting a 2 wrap frame as well Mmmmmm, my Lee Sedgewick Rev 1. I loooove this kite a whole lot! Somedays, I want an SLE, other days its the old leading edge, this takes either
And my flashy new Vented Rev 1. This becomes a very low wind kite with a 2 wrap frame in it. Maybe my fave of the moment. My recently converted to 3D-ism Rev II. Piles of fun on short lines!
My Shockwave, which I dont tend to fly very much, but, its a fun kite once in a while. Extra easy reverse and a nice float to it Mondo HUGE Super/Power/2-4 Blast. Its a low wind kite. Its a power kite. Its a real handful!
A Revolution BackTracker. I'm saying nothing more. ;-) pos. ooops. I keep it for posterity's sake. Its missing rods too. Yet another 1.5 SLE (in the back). Currently out on loan, last seen in Nanaimo!
One of three Synergy-Decas that I own, this is the more useful one, a 6 panel SUL version. An indoor version, though its the next size down from the Great Deca. Fun, somewhat frustrating as well, but I'm not much of a Deca flyer.
My stunningly beautiful Fire-dyed A1, #18 of 54. Its gorgeous. And currently with broken spars. *sob* My rarely seen, but wonderfully beautiful TC Ultra Dual/Quad, currently in the care of a mouse where yet another 1.5 SLE is also!

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