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You could call the list below my current hot list, but, in reality it simply represents a few of the more interesting sites that I either peek at occasionally or visit frequently. This page will be another fairly dynamic page on this site, so you might want to check in regularily as well. I will endeavor to place the most recent visits at the top...There's no particular rhyme or reason to these listings, encompassing great music sites, wierd web oddities and computer based stuff. Due to the growth of this section, I have actually made a lame attempt at categorising some of the sites listed here.

There are millions of "Personal Homepages" lurking on the net. Literally. So, below represents a few of my personal favorites, both with people I know and people I do not.

Yet Another Webthang
Be sure to check out Mark's Rants, they are usually amusing if nothing else, and its often fun to watch him be somewhat of a trouble maker here and there, although he does say "those days are over". Uh huh, yes, we believe this...

Home of one Lance Arthur, one of the more talented web designers in our universe. I have learned more by pouring through code on this site than perhaps any other site on the net. Always a visual treat and usually has an amusing diary as well.

Truly one of my better net friends despite our continual arguing over minor details like me loathing Microsoft and IE in general. A constantly evolving site and my fit of pique in not being allowed to join her web ring seems to have passed for now...

Another always evolving site by another always evolving woman, that being Penny. Be sure to tell her that I sent you, it'll annoy her momentarily...

Despite her current infrequent updates to the Found/2 diary pages, Zannah still manages to create some pretty spiffy web pages, both here at Stormwerks, and at other locales to be found within Stormwerks.

Two of my better friends that I have met randomly on the web, Chris and Marty maintain a nevr-dull site, including a diary and a PG-13 cam at times. Located in Chicago, tell'em monkey-boy sent you along.

The Webdiva
With a license plate to match on her car even...

Dawn Marie's Fabulous Fishbowl
Home of some of the BEST sci-fi Con drinking stories I have ever read. And some other generally amusing writings as well.

Pickett Ink
What started out as a cam site that I peeped into her and there has evolved (heh, numerous times) into a much more complete site with some fascinating reading. Watch as a live changes. And, the cam is gone, so, don't be bitching to me about it, I warned you.

Certainly some of the more biting remarks within a personal web page...I came across this site through Webthang and I still snicker when I read some of what is said. Great restaurant reviews if you live near Sacramento as well.

Tabitha Holtz, Resident Web Diety
It's pretty rare that I find a "personal" home page worthy of repeated visits, but Tabitha continues to evolve this site in wierd and wonderful directions. It's beautifully laid out, never dull and Tabitha is also pretty cute too. Another wonderful Canadian as well, making it a frequent visit for me, even if to simply steal some new HTML tricks...also a cat lover, which is usually worth a couple of monkey points.

Jamie Zawinski, netscape programmer
Ever wondered what it would be like to work at Netscape? Here's one view. Also, Jamie appears to be responsible for all sorts of madness. Another "personal" page that changes frequently.

Proving that these sites are neither weird nor personal pages, its merely a collection of sites I have found to be rather nifty over the last little while.

Aercibo Observatory
Disregard for a moment that I have long been in lust for Jodie Foster, I was deeply moved by the movie Contact. Numerous scenes take place at this observatory and its a fascinating place that I *will* visit one day...

Ever wonder if what you are afraid of actually has a real name to describe it? Despite looking on numerous pages like this, I have yet to find a "Fear of Monkeys" reference.

IBM Patent Server
What started off as a fairly innocent search to find out if a particular kite company had let their patent on the design lapse became a fairly regular stop on my web surfing trips. The site lists pictures and details on every single patent ever given to a inventions. There are some really hilarious ones, check back frequently.

I am not one to watch a lot of TV. No particular reason why, but, I suppose a sub reason is that I never know what is actually on at any given time, and I don't buy a TV Guide because I wouldn't use it much. However, since I do have a TV Tuner card in my machine at home, this site lets you look at the listings in a nice, handy web page. This link is for the Canadian version, use this if you are american...

Sick and tired of that NASTY windows 95/98/NT interface to your computer? Take a look at LiteStep, based heavily upon the look and feel of the NeXT OS, widely regarded as one of teh cleaning interfaces ever developed. I'll warn you now tho, installing and configuring LiteStep is NOT for the faint of heart or computer illiterate, but, if you have teh time and patience, the rewards are great and decidely prettier and cleaner to use. While you are at it, youmay as well go whole hog and run the eFX extentions as well for a completely "new" looking Windows.

The Search Engine front end to end all front ends. A nice tie into the major search engines, making looking for stuff somewhat quicker.

The KIA Internet Group
Alright, yet another REALLY cool, well designed site that makes me wanna hang up the old HoSite editor and trade my Photshop in on an accounting package...

While we are on the subject of "I've always wanted", my own personal Ferrari...

Aurora MUD
You can call this my new home away from home. A little background, the Aurora Mud people came across my sister's web site, and after reading it, decided to make Melinda their patron saint, with a beautiful tribute on The Green. After her death, I decided to visit the mud, and I really haven't left, having found a warm, cozy little retreat. This would be their web site...

The African Parrot Society
If I wasn't already controlled by three cats, I'd probably be a parrot owner. An african grey parrot owner. A previous room mate of mine had an african grey parrot, and this bird talked a mile a minute. Highly mischievious but utterly adorable.

Cat Tales
Bill Hall's tremendously fun collection of cat tales...

Dr. Seuss's Seussville
Sam I am I Am not, but, Milestones does serve a pretty good green eggs and ham...The first books that I, the monkey-boy, can remember learning to read, thus they earn a permanent place in my heart.

Gone With The Wind
Back in the pre-web hsitory of the monkey-boy, I played in a wonderous band called "Roots Roundup". One of the great people that I had the pleasure to work with was Barry Taylor (also of The Young Canadians, Shanghai Dog, E, Murder Museum and numerous other projects). A couple of years ago, I was talking with Barry and his wife Linda once again, and during our chats thorughout the evening, he heartily endorsed kite flying as a recreational activity. On a trip to Oregon, I took his suggestion and became involved in this sport. The ultimate relaxation, once you can learn how to keep a kite in the air...for a look at my kite-specific site, check REVisions, a site I developed to look at the specific kites I usually fly now.

The Onion
Humor, Humor, more humor. Humor, an important part of a well balanced diet. The Onion is a particularily humorous 'zine on the net with a weekly crowd of hilarious stories.

hey, I have to steal inspiration from somewhere. here's a few places I frequent in the never-ending search to spark an idea that may become a web page some day...

I often use a font to inspire a certain idea, they act as a launching point for further ideas. I have long had a fascination with typography in general, so here's a few places that tend to have some nifty fonts that can kickstart a slow day inspiration-wise.

Infinite Fish
ok, ok, its not fonts, but, nice backgrounds and stuff that can be used with fonts...

A fine collection of non-standard fonts, and some nice ones are even FREE!

A massive collection of fonts, it'll take hours to sift through these. And I have done it.

Esselte Online
Before the world of desktop publishing, the monkey-boy used to use Letraset for "publishing" work. Now, the home of Letraset i sthe place for a free font every month, many of which litter this site.

Netscape Colors
Looking to match that specific color to stay within the bounds of a 216 color palette? Start with this...a complete listing of all of the 216 colors that are recommended for use on the web, complete with the full code to get the color. Very handy. Also, within Webthang, read Mark's excellent discussion on web graphics in general.

I will learn DHTML, I will learn DHTML, I will learn DHTML and when I do finally undertake that task, I'll start here.

Project Cool
I'm notorious for losing bookmark lists during Netscape upgrades, thus, sometimes, past "frequently visited" sites fall out of my list. This site was one of them. Started by the orginator of "Cool Site Of The Day", Glen Davis, this is a slightly more detailed site with better graphics and usually top drawer picks.

Occasionally, if you traverse the web enough, you'll find a site so amazing in it's appearance that it almost makes you want to hang up the old editor and take up basket weaving than attempt to ever create such a cool site. Truly one of a kind, might be my favorite site of this year.

The Dialectizer
Go ahead, plug in a URL to some site you like, and have the magic dialectizer convert it into the readbale language of your choice... Personally, I love reading my pags as "redneck" writings...

The Great Pumpkin Drop
Proving once and for all that pumpkins make silly noises when dropped from great hieghts...Be patient and download at least one video, they are hilarious...

Crop circles. Real alien visits or merry pranksters? You be the judge atthis site.

Money Origami
A fool and his money are soon folded? It never fails to amaze me that there is a web page for anything you can possibly name...

Personality Test
A tremendously accurate way to find out just what makes you tick! I won't tell you which one I chose, that would reveal far too much about the working of the monkey mind.

Ouch! I'll warn you ahead of time that this site is REALLY hard on broswers due to some of the stupid pet tricks that are within it's coding, but, there are some pretty cool page efcets and, damn, it's BRIGHT!

Computer Songs
Undoubtedly, at some point or another, you have come across song lyrics that have been rewritten to represent some idea. Weird Al Yankovic comes to mind. These, however, are songs re-written with computer lyrics.

The Waffle Page
Everything you have ever wanted to know about Waffles and then some more information about waffles as well. No references to pancakes or any other breakfast food, but, there is some talk of Eggos.

Bono's CyberCathouse
Bono is certainly one of the most HTML conversant cats I have ever met. And, his site contains many great cat shopping tips, and email-able postcards that I have used on many occasions.

the Seuss Purity Test
In conjunction with the Dr. Seuss link elsewhere on this page, here's a version of the often seen "Purity Test" redone in a Seuss form. Pretty sure he would not have approved, but, alas, it's too late. My score is a carefully guarded secret.

Bad Fads
I'm endlessly fascinated by pop culture and the fads that go hand in hand with it. This site was great find as it lists manyof the worst fads that have gone by in recent decades. I am even embarassed to admit that I fell for some of these fads as well...anyone still have their Rubik's Cube?

Just a downright NASTY page that takes swipes at people posting their pictures on the net. But because MY picture is not included within this site, I feel somewhat safe in passing the link all to you, the viewer, so that you can chuckle along as well.

The weird and mysterious explained. In some cases at least.

The Electrolux Fridge Cam
Who would have thought that a vacuum ccleaner company would tuck a quickcam into their fridge and broadcast for the world to see? I cam across this page while researching web cams for what was to become the monkey-boy chimp cam...

Pass The Pigs
Come on, roll a double snouter, I dare you...A kind of cute, entirely JAVA based game that utilizes little dice shaped like pigs...Kind of tough to envision, so just go and try a game...

The BOFH. Introduced to me by a fellow sysadmin, although I am loathe to include myself in comparision to his skills...Being that I have typically spent most of my working computer life helping others as a tech support type, much of these pages ring very true, it's just I'm not quite this nasty. Most days. Guaranteed humour.

The Amazing SPAM Homepage
More SPAM trivia than you could possibly imagine...

The Toaster Museum Foundation
A loving, touching tribute to one of the world's most important appliances, the toaster! Lotsa neat pictures of nifty devices that people use to harden their bread, or, in some cases, blacken...while we are on the topic, visit the brAun site as well, more pretty appliances...

Netscape Engineering Sign
Yes, even Netscape adores the monkey-king. Here they are showing their appreciation for all that is monkey, utilizing some of their fine server software to render their tribute...I don't seem to find Microsoft doing me any favors lately...while you are at netscape, also check out their staggeringly cool bridge made of cans...

American Flatulators
Nothing I could say would possibly do this site justice.

Flash Mountain
Proving uncategoricaly that Americans are just plain wierd, a somewhat candid look at one of Disney's greatest attractions...

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
I have no idea how I stumbled across this page, I think it was a misguided search for some munchies late one night, but the site caught my imagination enough that I just might try this if I can ever convince the cats to turn the kitchen over to wierd science. Almost as entertaining as the massive BBQ blowup page that I have since lost the URL for...

Of course, you did not think for one moment that I would not try and find some monkey specific links, did you? How silly! Of COURSE there are monkey links in this site. If I had a dime for every poor soul who calls themselves "monkey-boy", I could retire...So, here is a random look at the imposters. I have the domain, thus, I am king. Deal with it. A little shy on descriptions for these sites, primarily because I can think of NOTHING TO SAY!

Chimps Inc., a serious chimp link

Chimp.net A chimp a day...

Monkey-Boy, the BAND!

Some kid

Another pretender to the throne

A monkey animation company

who the hell knows what THIS is about

christmas monkeys!

this monkey gave up!

a wee monkey...

excellent reference!

just weird...

biggest monkey luser out there.

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