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Otherwise known as the "Network Neighbourhood"

Becky's Site   Ray Bethell's Site
Becky : A fellow kite nut located in Ohio...! And, a suffering ISP technical support type! Been there, even got a t-shirt from Netscape. If anyone evers wants to think that doing tech support at an ISP is easy work, talk to me and then to Becky. The truth is out there.   Ray Bethell : Heck, while we are at it, another kite friend and multi-world champion kite flyer no less. And just a general all around nice guy. Frequent flyer at Vanier Park in Vancouver, where I usually fly on weekends. And, yes, those are three kites he is flying all at once...
Seraph's Site   Zannah's Site
Seraph : Random surfing brings random friends. In this case, Seraph surfed onto the monkey-world by accident, through another friend's page. Always entertaining. And spends FAR more time than me working on her pages. And has been known to update daily!   Zannah : Under the "links lead to links" category, I ran into Zannah's site thru Seraph's site originally, and found she knew Mark too. Underscoring the idea that the web really is a web, with many "interconnecting" points. Zannah is the official monkey-queen...also winning frequent flyer points in ICQ!And she admits to liking PICO as a web editor...Another "daily updater" personality...
the artist still known as mark prince   no gif yet
Mark (the artist still known as) Prince : Woo woo! There was a time when I'd come home from work and read something Mark has just written in usenet and just about burst a gasket, almost every time. Then, something happened, I agreed with him. since then, we seem to get along MUCH better. Always checking his site to see what new trick he is using...always finding new ways to trick the gruntlemeter. Purportedly even knows how to fly a kite now...   I've known Pam and Maurice for almost 10 years now. Met originally thru a BBS system here in Vancouver we ran BBSs together for many years, shared a house, and, they introduced me to my wife. Better friends one could not ask for. Now, if they could get a web site up...ALERT! Web site launched!
Knossopolis   The Original Webtide
The people in Knossopolis have collectively taught me more about HTML than any other group of people. John and Elizabeth in particular have been most helpful to the monkey-kingdom.   The mighty, yet humble Bob Elliot. Bobe and I worked together at Wimsey, and at iSTAR. Bobe is also partially responsible for the domain name...Some of Bobe's design ideas still permeate this site. Fellow quickcam fool!

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